Monday, February 14, 2011

Update Too Late

I've terribly neglected my blog for the past week beucase its been so hard to find an internet cafe, and typing on the ipod touch is really hard. I have'nt been doing much of anything really, just walking around some more and recently some shopping. I bought a classic lightweight khaki coat which tightens at the waist for shape definition and some other fun stuff ;) Anyway, I think I said this before, Rome is totally liveable for me. After being here for only 9 days I feel that I can comfortably and safely find my way to any point in town. 

So yesterday, I took a day trip to the lovely island of Capri! It was via a pre-arranged tour so there were about 15 other people as well. I don't care if it's cheesy to do that, I doubt I would have figured out the logistics of actually getting there on my own. I had to get up early, as its a three hour drive to Naples and then a 45 minute boat ride to Capri from the port. I made friends with a girl from Japan who was there with her mom and a girl from Argentina who was by herself, and she was only 16! They were both really nice and excited to practice their English with a native speaker as they put it, I once again felt ignorant that my Spanish is so elementary and that I only speak English. I spent most of the day with the Argentinean girl because she was alone and I expressed my love for her country. She told me I have to come to Mar del Plata, where she is from. So whenever I get a chance to make my South American dreams come true, I will go there! Back to Capri! We had a group lunch which was very tasty and then our guide gave us a brief tour of the town. After that the sun miraculously came out and we checked out the gardens which hosted abosoultely breathtaking views of the island and the water. It was so so beautiful, another one of those moments that I could'nt actually believe I was expierencing. After some souvineer shopping we had a chance to taste the local Limoncello (a strong, sweet lemon liquor) and local chocolates. The day seemed to be way too short as we boarded the boat back to Naples and then the bus back to Roma.

The day before yesterday, aka Saturday.
Not a whole lot to say but I have to share my expierence at a nearby museum on Via Nazionale. I keep walking by and seeing the posters and large statues advertising the massive Teotihuacan exhibit they are showing. I finally made the time to see it and I am so glad I did! Having just taken a Mexican history class last semester, the lessons were still fresh in my mind. It was so exciting to see all of the artifacts, most of them from between 400ad-800ad if I recall correctly. The civilizations of ancient Latin America are grossly underappreciated in the modern historical conversation, so to see such a major homage to the Teotihucan civilzation was awesome.

Alright, on to the next posting. Ciao!

*If almost everything is spelled wrong Im just going to blame it on Italian spell check and a foreign keyboard. Sorry!


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