Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Inspirational

I love this trip. So here are some inspring, positive life thoughts I have gathered recently.

"There is more to life than what it is at any given time. There is more than what you planned, more than what you are comfortable doing, more than what is expected of you.  You can do it all. Anything you want can be possible. There is truely possibility in everything, every oppotunity has the potential to open new doors for you. All you on an individual level have to do is live and change. I would argue that constant change is to be alive. I am so inspired by these travels over the past month or so. I have met people from all over the world. I have been impressed by those bi, tri and multi lingual people, those who made me realise just how much I have to learn before I can really understand their cultures. I have been inspired to take a total departure from what I thought was my next natural step. I have been fearless and gone with the flow. I have felt completely happy in many moments without outside influence. I have been optimistic the entire time because no matter what happened, I was in some of the most spectacular places of my life."

"My life is mine, anything that can happen in the future is my responibility.I have the power to change my life in any way I dream. I need to take chances and continue to evolve."

"Being in South Africa has made me notice some changes about myself as a result of my time here. One is being generally more relaxed, less stressed and less rushed. We have truely been running on Africa Time here, meaning it will happen when it will happen, if it will happen. I am also more comfortable with myself in general. Any self-consciousness I had before is really almost gone entirely. I feel more at ease with myself, do not foster any superficial insecurities. People in South Africa just are here and they love one another regardless, so that has made it easy for me to do the same with myself."

I do not feel sad or regretful to come home at all. I actually quite look forward to it because I am so excited to put into action all of the new things I have learned and wanted to do. I also really miss my dog omg.There are some very cool things coming up and I am just so excited for the rest of 2011.



*Same thing with the spelling and grammer, I don't even know where I messed up because according to Italian spell check, I messed up everything! haha

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