Friday, February 4, 2011

Last Week in South Africa

I can't believe its my last week here! I'm so sad to leave the kids in my class because I've come to love them all so much.

Sunday: Hilda was out of town enjoying herself with some of her family. Christian (her son) and Zaria (her daughter) came over and we had a Braai, which is basically a South African BBQ. Its a very popular thing to do in the summertime here. It was so nice to be apart of something so cultural and feel so welcomed. They cooked me veggie burgers on the grill :). That afternoon we went to something called a "Bush Pub," which is almost exactly as it sounds: a bar located on a field. Sunday is all day happy hour there and one of the other host family's and all of their friends and family invited us. We had such a great time chatting on the patio and enjoying a few drinks, just joking around and getting to know the family better. There were actual goats and geese just walking around the yard coming right onto the bar deck. It was hilarious and definitely a great way to spend a Sunday. 

Tuesday: Some of the other volunteers and I went to Ms. Verna's house, that's the teacher of my class, and chatted for about three house about everything from education systems in South Africa to relationships to the indiviudla kids in the class.  She's an awesome woman who really cares about each student and her colleagues.  I've arranged with her to keep in touch via letters and email. I'm going to send the class a mix CD with some dances we taught them, including Firework and The Climb. They love Waka Waka by Shakira too, so I'll make sure to add that to the CD! Michelle (my roommate) and I volunteered to cook dinner for Hilda (our host mom) since she's been so hospitable and is always extremely busy. We made a delicious macoroni and cheese with a salad. It was 96 degrees and felt very hot because of no air conditioning or fans whatsoever.

One of the girls in my class decided to start calling me her mommy, and so the other girls at that table caught on. So now it's like "you're my mommy," "no, you're my mommy!" whenever I go check on their table. I want to take them home with me so badly! The one girl, Catelyn, who started the mommy thing is so nice and always admires the things I wear, like bracelets and necklaces.

I think one of the best parts about this whole experience is truly getting to know the other volunteers and the locals as well. If I had just come to Cape Town on holiday and stayed in a generic city hotel I'd never have met people such as Howie, Jay, Adnaan, Hilda, Verna, Nolan, Meranda and all the other locals I have come to know and trust. Even still, there is still so much more I'd like to see and do in South Africa. This country never ceases to amaze me and I've only gotten to know the Western Cape! I have strong faith that I will be back again, hopefully some day soon, since I'd love to go to grad school here or work here in the future.

There's more to update but that's all I have prepared for now!

I leave South Africa tomorrow night and I'm really sad about that. I am totally looking forward to Italy though, I can't believe I'm actually going. It was such a random thing and I haven't researched it too much, just planning on sleeping in (we wake up at 7:15 everyday here) and exploring the city by foot.

This trip has opened up so many more doors and encouraged me to dream bigger than I had before, thanks to all of the people I've met who inspire me so much.

More updates tomorrow probably!


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