Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like 15 Days

Boo. No Nice for me :( Au revoir nicoise!

It's okay, planning a day trip to Capri instead. The flight coordination to/from Nice just didn't work out and the rail fare was more than I wanted to spend. (Ciao Capri!) I'm just using the money I would have saved for Nice for a nicer accommodation in Rome, something more centrally located and on a major street. (Via Veneto)

STA Travel has many day-tours which I just may do. It'll be nice to have an expert guide and some fellow travelers as company. Since it's only a day trip, I'll still be able to be the *independent woman* that I want to be. (Speaking of, that's a GREAT song)

The good thing about having so many dreams is that they are interchangeable and not easily ruined.

On to the next.

Travel brainstorm for the next five years-
Beruit, Lebanon
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Cusco, Peru
Buenos Aries, Argentina
Back to Africa (have a feeling I'm going to want to spend a lot more time there)
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dubrovnik, Croatia

...I enjoy travel-dreaming.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Less than a month before I leave for Africa/Europe. All in all this journey will take me to three continents. Amazing. So so excited to do this.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whenever, Wherever

Ecuador in late spring?

Spain in September?

... or wherever the world takes me.

Graduating in a week with a strong push outward. Thinking globally, all the time, now.