Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Like 15 Days

Boo. No Nice for me :( Au revoir nicoise!

It's okay, planning a day trip to Capri instead. The flight coordination to/from Nice just didn't work out and the rail fare was more than I wanted to spend. (Ciao Capri!) I'm just using the money I would have saved for Nice for a nicer accommodation in Rome, something more centrally located and on a major street. (Via Veneto)

STA Travel has many day-tours which I just may do. It'll be nice to have an expert guide and some fellow travelers as company. Since it's only a day trip, I'll still be able to be the *independent woman* that I want to be. (Speaking of, that's a GREAT song)

The good thing about having so many dreams is that they are interchangeable and not easily ruined.

On to the next.

Travel brainstorm for the next five years-
Beruit, Lebanon
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Cusco, Peru
Buenos Aries, Argentina
Back to Africa (have a feeling I'm going to want to spend a lot more time there)
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dubrovnik, Croatia

...I enjoy travel-dreaming.


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