Monday, February 7, 2011

Ciao Roma

First, I am so sad to have left South Africa! Leaving the kids was horrible and so was leaving all the new friends I've made there. We all plan on visiting each other over the next year and possibly something very very exciting next year but lets not discuss that one right now! Anyway I also must say that I am so surprised by how close you can get to people in "only three weeks." Saying goodbye to all of the host families was so sad! I have to go back to South Africa soon, and really, so should everyone else. Its just a magical, incredible place. Volunteering in S.Af was up there with "best life decisions ever." 

Transit: Spent the last day in Cape Town for a few hours, had lunch and went to the market one last time for shopping. Left for the airport and my flight was delayed. It ended up being fine because that just meant a quick layover in Dubai, and I wanted to spend as little time there as possible because the airport is so hectic. I flew with Emirates and it was hands down the best flight I've ever flown on. That sounds really extreme but it's true! It was a 9 hour flight from Cape Town to Dubai and a 6 hour flight from Dubai to Rome and it really felt like no time at all. The whole expierence was so comfortable and felt very lux. The staff took great care of everyone and the in flight entertainment system was awesome, plus I liked that everything was in English and Arabic. Fly with Emirates if you get a chance!

Rome: I arrived here Sunday, 6 February around 2p.m. My hotel is located in a good part of town, right around the busy areas but on a quiet side street. It seems quite new and has an amazing queen size bed with plush pillows. I was so tired from all of the travel and time changes so I didn't do much yesterday aside from walking around a bit and picking up some groceries. I slept from 7:30 pm until 9:30am. So about Rome. I finally got out of bed today and did a large amount of walking, just to get aquainted with the neighbourhoods. It's a beautiful, energetic, buzzing city. And its exactly how you'd imagine it to be. I'm trying to walk as much as possible for exercise and to get to know the area. Everyone I've encountered speaks English, but I feel so stupid whenever they do! Language deficiency is what I would call it, bottom line is I need to expand my language knowledge.



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