Sunday, January 16, 2011

Waka Waka

Second day:
Wonderful! I finally got some sleep...(it had been 2 days since sleeping in an actual bed...) Anyway a group of 6 of us decided to take a typical tourist trip of the city via the "Red Bus" tours that you see in almost every major city. It seemed a bit corny but it was so much fun. It helped us all get better acclimated with the city layout and see parts of it we might not have otherwise. It was nice because it allowed for getting on and off as you please, so we stopped at the waterfront area, which was similar to the Pier in San Francisco but less cheesy, though still super touristy. Then we stopped off at a lookout point on the way to Table Mountain, though no one was dressed to hike up it, we will do that later. The bus went on a scenic drive to Camps Bay which is a ritzy beach area. This place looks just like Miami Beach, except more beautiful and exotic. We dined al fresco at an Italian restaurant and walked by the beach (the water is freezing but such a rush to jump in for a moment). Then we headed back and walked along the beach boardwalk to our house. 

All the people here are very nice, I like that we are all here with similar interests of travelling, and pursuing the more global goals that we all seem to share. Tomorrow we go to the homestay and I probably won't have internet for another week or so. 

In conclusion,
I love Cape Town. It's so incredibly diverse, you really feel a strong culturally pull wherever you are. So many different ethnicities, lifestyles and contrasts are abound. It feels modern, and very safe. Sure you have the few dodge looking people here and there, but it is no where near as bad as anyone made it seem. I've realised the "warnings" and fear people try to instill in you are from people who have never been or had first hand experience, so what they know is from what "they heard somewhere," which is not a great source to base opinion on. Everyone should come to Cape Town!




  1. sounds wonderful Alex
    we miss you a lot! wish we were there with you, sounds like some cool new friends you have made.


  2. Dont forget to SHOP!