Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Day

This day has been so surreal. From being totally uncomfortable, tired and restless on the flight from Frankfurt, to actually landing in Cape Town and getting to the volunteer house, to meeting new people and exploring the town.

First: Cape Town is so beautiful. I've hardly seen the best of it and I'm so taken aback by how amazing this city is. Very beachy, with Atlantic waves crashing on shore, to Table Mountain in the background of every view.

I've met some great people here so far, from all over. We went walking around the beach and to lunch today with my roommates, and tonight a group of us went to the center of nightlife for dinner and drinks at an African restaurant. Our house is about 1000 feet from the ocean, which is amazing.  I love this city. Not sure if that came across before. ;)

Anyway, Monday we fight out more details about the actual location of our volunteer projects, meet the family we are homestaying with and figure out the other logistics. I'm definitely going to keep in touch with the people I've met at the volunteer house so we can do day trips and weekend excursions together. So far, we are talking about swimming with penguins, wine tasting, sky diving, safari and *fingers crossed* Great White Shark diving. ALSO: The dollar to rand exchange rate is incredible.

Tomorrow the plan is to get some of the touristy "must see" stuff done, and hiking up Table Mountain. I've heard the view from the top is nothing short of spectacular so I'm very excited to do that.

Everything here is a new experience, I am enjoying it all.


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