Friday, January 21, 2011

Alright, Still!

So I was going to post day by day but that would most likely prove boring to the readers.
Let's just say this:

South Africa is hands down the most incredible experience of my life. I love the friends I've met here, its amazing how instantly we've all clicked and connected. The people of South Africa are warm, lively and inviting. I have yet to feel "unsafe" or scared of anything. The children at the school I'm teaching at are gorgeous and most are very sweet. I want to help them, make sure they have a nice day at school because I know they go home to very sad conditions. It feels like more than a week here so far. I love it here, I'm totally happy. I do miss three people (one is a dog) hahah, but that's about it!

Oh, and all 12 of us are going on a legitimate shark dive tomorrow. What the hell. I LOVE THIS.

If it is of any interests to people I post day by day replays of what happened, direct from my journal. I'll just wait till I get back in the states to do so.


<3 ac

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