Friday, January 14, 2011


This will not be my most interesting or insightful post.

Anyway-I landed in Frankfurt at 1030, I leave for Cape Town at 2250. As in ten hours later... I was all set to go explore the city but I got sick on the plane (yuck) and didn't sleep at all. So I determined I am too much of a zombie to wander Germany alone. Thank goodness they have sugar free redbull and plenty of outlets to charge my iPod on here.

There are these kids (guys around my age) playing some trancy electronic music on their MacBook behind me which is very good listening. I am currently watching planes go bye out the window... Only 6.5 hours left. Ug. I can't wait to get to South Africa. I still can't actually believe I'm going.

I need to learn other languages. I feel like such a moran whenever I go abroad because of this. It's my number one insecurity traveling.

Okay this was almost totally pointless but like I said, I'm totally dying of bordom at the moment.


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