Wednesday, January 12, 2011


So tomorrow I will be leaving, flying from Orlando to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Cape Town. I'm flying with Lufthansa, which I've read only positive things about so I am hoping to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant flight. My only slight bit of hesitation about this entire thing is the 10 hour layover in the Frankfurt, GR airport. I don't know a word of German other than "thank you" and am probably going to be tired and confused while I'm waiting for my next flight.

I'm almost entirely packed, bringing only a small carry-on suitcase and a tote bag. I've condensed my luggage by a tenfold since initially packing, so I'm quite proud that I've got a carry-on only for 36 days of travel.

I am so excited to go to South Africa. I can't wait to meet the other volunteers, get to know the teachers, talk with the family I'll be homestaying with and explore the city of Cape Town.

It's hard for me to stop planning and looking ahead, for instance, I'm also working on teaching in Spain next October and planning my graduate school applications, but I have to remember to take these few weeks to really savor the moments of my trip.


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